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Who are the most satisfied type of expats? Post by HSBC Expat Project

For those who dream of the life that expatriation offers, it would appear that expats live an unparalleled lifestyle—simultaneously working and globetrotting, hopping from one exotic beach to another or experiencing a culture so ancient that every weekend is brimming with enthralling adventures to pursue. What a life! It could surely inspire travelling’s greatest critics.

Inspiringexpats, however, is a completely different ball game altogether. It is not impossible though. Expats tend to listen to other expats’ tales of adventure when deciding upon their next holiday or home. Those expats who are the happiest with their lifestyle are typically those who inspire other expats the most—so who are the most satisfied expats?

The social animal
Asia is currently a hotspot for satisfied expats.  Social circles are created quickly there; they’re also bigger as well as stronger. Social life in Asia is a way of life rather than a means to use up some spare time. Those expats who do not invest enough in their social lives will, in fact, be missing out on a whole new, exciting and extremely rewarding dimension of what life abroad can provide.

The all-rounder
Expats who manage to successfully balance work with social life are great characters to go to for a real picture of where they have been. They have so much more to say about a place than simply work or perhaps what is around the Central Business District. They’ll tell you about the best restaurants from an expat and a local’s point of view, and they’ll delve into hilarious stories of nights out with friends and why that location was the best place to be in at that time with those friends.

The wanderer
There is a particular group of expats who are happiest when climbing a mountain in Sri Lanka or trekking through a jungle in Borneo. It’s as if they were born to step out of their comfort zone and so they are either partaking in said adventure or planning what adventure will be their next. This group is also extremely happy with what they have managed to achieve, learn and get out of life. Their stories of camp fires on Mongolia’s Gobi Desert or going barefoot on Salar de Atacama (the salt flats in Chile).

Get some inspiration, you never know where it might take you!

This guest blog post was written by Expat Explorer, brought to you by HSBC Expat.

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