domenica 22 maggio 2016

A day out in Kent: Chartwell and Winston Churchill House

When you want to take a break from the big city, Kent is just around the corner.
Actually, you can reach it with a bus trip, leaving the tall buildings behind while the scenario changes in front of your eyes on open blooming hills. the English countryside, its corners always different, the hedges and the trees surrounding the boundary lines between the fields.

I had heard about Chartwell and Winston Churchill House on the National Trust suggested destinations, and I was curious to visit it.

As I arrived, I immediately admired the gardens around the house. It was a fresh sunny day and colors were shining brightly.

But the real emotion was visiting the Studio. There, I could feel the magnificent meaning of Sir Winston Churchill as one of the greatest British politicians, the historical moments he faced and led, the decisions he had to manage.
The Studio reports a lot of old letters exchanged on War times and it is an amazing piece of real History you can witness.

All around, beautiful gardens and a park where families can enjoy peace of mind.

To increase the deep meaning of this place, a lonely chair placed under a tree in front of the pond. There you can still imagine Sir Winston, thinking about the next decision to take, the statement to release, the Act to approve or simply about the memories of his important past life.

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