lunedì 23 maggio 2016

Teddy in Shakespeare-land: Stratford Upon Avon

Last winter, the time came to make a change.
It happens like that while you are just thinking about planning your holidays for the year, the phone rings and everything changes in 5 days.
You find yourself looking for a new hole, pack your stuff, call for help, and in 48 hours, puff! You are in a new place, to explore and discover and make the most of the experience.

So I was just in the middle of my winter sleep and I suddenly had to move.

Finding a new place to stay has not been easy at all, I didn't have much time and once I also got a bit lost in the middle of nowhere, just a road on one side and the country on the other, so windy to make  of my umbrella a useless but quite artistic and creative structure, while it started raining and snowing. Amazing.

These are the moments when you realize that, on the life stage, angels just show up to help when it's most needed before disappearing again, and pubs are serving hot tea and chocolate for very important reasons in this world.

Shakespeare Birthplace

So here I am: Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire. The land of William Shakespeare.

Now it's the time to enjoy a very English experience, mixed up in culture, history, accent and pronunciation, Shakespeare works, lovely local shops and everything opposite to the 9 million people city.

Stratford on Avon is definitely lovely, old streets and houses, cottages and shops, the Shakespeare trail, quiet life and the sound of birds.

The riverside, with the Theatre leading it, is a mix of relaxing and sportive areas, spaces to live and enjoy.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Attractions and entertainments go together with the quiet life, made interesting by tourists from all over the world who come to visit the most famous of British writers.

Shakespeare inspires everything, from the name of the streets to the name of the shops and products sold, I couldn't say the most creative interpretation as it's fantasy blooming at every corner.

I arrived exactly on time to be part of Shakespeare 400, the celebrations of his death's anniversary, that will go on with events from here to London all year long.

So let's see which new adventures, experiences, and news await me!!!

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