domenica 22 maggio 2016

Holidays abroad: Barcelona

And then summer came... I couldn't wait to leave my hole and fly to meet my little bear-sister in Barcelona!!!

We had planned the trip in a couple of days and now it was time to enjoy the sun, the food, the art and everything this city has to offer.
I think I watched Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona 10 times before going. I liked the movie, but the fact we were going there made the whole thing more exciting.

We met at the airport, then straight to the hotel and then ready to explore.
We enjoyed Park Guell and Gaudì Experiencia, under the warm sunshine and good smell of flowers.

Then towards the centre, we were always tempted to stop in a bakery or ham shop to taste a pastry or a "bocadillo": I definitely felt in love with Jamon, that I tasted over and over again at the Boqueria Market.

Between tapas and Gaudì architecture we walked on Las Ramblas, we visited Casa Batllò and the Sagrada Familia, went shopping, had an horchata to refresh, enjoyed the Ciutat Vella and its beautiful streets down to the beach at La Barceloneta, amazing at nights between boats and restaurants.

We left each others at the airport exactly where we had met at the beginning with the head full of images and inspiration and dreams.

We will definitely go again, sooner or later.

See you soon Barcelona! ¡Hasta la vista!

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