sabato 21 maggio 2016

Where is Teddy now?

I have been sleeping for so long.
Actually, during the past year, I have been busy working on night shifts on a non-stop basis, so there wasn't really much time to go around and post. Or even just post as I went around. Oh yes, I went.
I moved home also. Again.
It's funny but this shouldn't be "From London with Teddy" anymore, as I don't live in London anymore. Sadly. I mean, it's amazing the place I live now, and I really love it, but London is London and there will always be a dedicated ode to her.
I have a quite dynamic life, so sometimes I take my things and move, wherever it's needed or possible. I leave my hole and find a new one, ready for new adventures and new friends to meet.
Before revealing which my new home is now, let's resume the best moments of this past year.

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