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Pasta tips: unforgettable spaghetti

Teddy has a new job from this moment: he will be busy tasting my family's pasta recipes.
As expat far from home, one of the things I miss the most is cooking with my parents and my sister. We used to share a lot of lovely moments in the kitchen and we still do when I am on holiday.
Anyway, no panic: internet gives a lot of solutions and if we cannot share a plate of well done italian pasta around a table, we will do that on this blog between us and whoever wants to look at it!
Honestly I can smell the flavour from here ;)
So this time we will start from a very simple but amazing recipe: garlic, olive oil and red hot pepper spaghetti (with a secret special guest that I will reveal later).
This kind of spaghetti is perfect when:
1 - you don't have the fridge full of ingredients and you need a basic idea
2 - you are single with nobody around and you are sure garlic won't kill anybody ;)
3 - you come home late at night after a long working day and you realize you're starving (Midnight-Spaghetti are always a special event in Italy!)
Olive oil (I use Napolina in UK, Monini in Italy)
Red pepper (how much depends only on your strenght but if you really like it, try not to hyde the other ingredients, balance is always the best choice, 3-4 pieces will be good)
70/80 g spaghetti per person

And now let's prepare them:

Put olive oil in a pan and turn the flame on, as it gets warm put the red pepper and the peeled garlic, being careful not to burn it.
Now, add our special guest, the magic ingredient that makes this recipe a little different from the original one: a crumbled anchovy that will give an even more tasting suggestion.

Let the water boil in a pot with salt (I'd say 1 spoon per liter that is 8/9 g.) then cook spaghetti precisely for the time reported on their box, whatever it says, could be 5 -7-10 minutes, NOT a minute more please or they won't be real spaghetti anymore, but only a sad copy, believe me ;) (I think I saw the most dreadful things with these poor spaghetti during the international experiences of my life)

Drain them once ready and put in the pan, blowing them up with the dressing.

And now... You, your spaghetti, a candle in a corner and Frank Sinatra. What else?

Ricetta degli spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino... non c'è bisogno di scriverla in italiano ;)

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