mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

Once the musical

Once I knew I was off I decided to book the ticket for Once.

Once I got the ticket I couldn't wait to see the cast playing and singing in Once.

Once I arrived at the Theatre I realized I had also an upgrade to the stalls... for once!

Once I took my seat I could go on the stage as... there's a surprise to discover... at least once!

Once I sat down I could order my cocktail to be delivered "sur place", during the interval, to drink once.

Once the lights went down and the show started I could finally hear "Falling slowly" live for once (or twice).

Once the interval arrived I could receive my Pa Colada at my seat, without drinking it all at once.

Once the show finished I was melancholic but happy as it's been so sweet and emotional, glad I could see it once...

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