venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Holidays memories

Holidays are over. I should have written what I did and saw as London was glittering, as usual, but I had my bear-family here and I did everything but ignoring them writing on this blog.

I had such a lovely time, eating out with them, trying new restaurants (oh they are all so cozy in this magic city with a little bear like me!), showing them new sides of London.
So here I am now, with the best moments of Christmas period:

1. Paddington movie: well, it's so sweet you can't stop loving him. Of course I adored it as bear-colleague but even more as the film starts showing an earthquake in Peru that make Paddington take the decision to move to London. Maybe you don't know but I came to London as well after and earthquake and Paddington made me feel again the same emotions of moving on, getting used to a new city, learning a lot of new habits, of course without forgetting some marmelade: let's make life easy!

2. New Year's Eve, we went to see the fireworks at the London Eye. It was simply amazing. First of all when the countdown begins on the Shard, midnight comes, the Big Ben bells start as well as the first fireworks: that's such an emotional moment!
I won't forget this!

3. Christmas lights all over London: just beautiful and warm

Southbank Christmas Market from London Eye

4. Shopping centers windows: always full of fantasy and creative touch

5. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park: it's so funny when it opens as it's sad when it ends up... waiting for another Christmas to come, next year, and it will be unforgettable as always.

Let's make this 2015 fantastic then!

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